Emergency Response: Our organization is staffed around the clock to respond to our client’s emergencies. We maintain forces in New Haven & Hartford, capable of handling virtually any project. From water main breaks to Haz-Mat spill cleanups, one call really does do it all. Our employees received hundreds of hours of training and our in-house equipment inventory is extensive. Below is a list of examples that we routinely respond to: Asbestos Abatement Building Demolition Emergency Pavement Restorations Flood Response Gas Main Failure Haz-Mat Spill Response Hurricane/Storm Debris Cleanup Large Snow Storm Relief Roadway Collapse Sewer & Drainage Failure Structure Collapse Telephone & Communications Failure Underground Electrical Infrastructure Water Main Failure Hazardous Materials: We employ dozens of Haz-Mat Technicians as well as Haz-Woper trained individuals for Remediation projects and Emergency Spill Response. Laydon Industries is a licensed Hazardous Materials Transporter and has extensive experience disposing of Contaminated & Hazardous Materials. Whether your project consists of long standing environmental remediation efforts or a single diesel spill cleanup from the side of the freeway, we are only a phone call away to obtain a clean site.
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